Welcome to Sussex Urban Krav Maga.

Founded in 2008 by Mark O'Neil and now run by Ben Humphrey. Instructors and Sussex Urban Krav Maga are fully certified and insured by The British Combat Association. Please click here to find out more about the Team.

Any changes to scheduled classes are posted to our Blog, Twitter and Facebook pages.

Public Classes

Wednesday class at 579 Field Squadron, 101 TA Centre, St Johnís Road, Tunbridge Wells, TN4 9UU.

Class starts at 19:00 and finishes at 21:00 with free parking available.

To reserve your place, please contact Ben now on 07890 960262.

For further details, including maps, go to location

Note, private classes by arrangement.

What is Urban Krav Maga ?

Urban Krav Maga takes the best from the established reality based self defence systems and blends them with street techniques of traditional arts to form a devastating new style.

A style that is easy to learn and that is right for the problems faced on the streets of the UK today.

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Student testimonials and other locations

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