All of the techniques and skills from Level 1, in addition to the following:


- Side kicks

- Jumping side kicks (to the knee)

- Low/high roundhouse kicks (high kicks for learning defences only)

- Straight finger jabs

- Appropriate use of hands, elbows, knees, feet and shin in combination.


- Knife threats to the rear, all around the body with control from attacker's non-weapon wielding hand.

- Threats with point and edge of weapon.

- All slashing/stabbing knife attacks, defend and take the weapon.

- Take-down defence against knife when attack holding shirt/lapel with one hand and stabbing with the other with knife threat in similar situation.

- Appropriate use of 'knee shoot' against slashing knife attack.


- Defending gun threats from 'hands up position'

- Response to gun threats when attacker pullsthe weapon back quickly


- Appropriate use of arm bars on ground and defending against application of arm bar

- Defending full mount when attacker high up your body; i.e knees in armpit.

- Use of half guard

- Defending side mount

- Defending RNC on ground

- Applying and defending full nelson

- Forward roll

- Side breakfall