Students must master all of Level 1 and Level 2; these are included in Level 3:


- Guns threats from 'hands down' position

- Rear gun threat head forced against wall

Defending Stick Attacks/Chain attacks - Garrotte Defences Groundwork

- Attacker chokes, in rear mount, with and without hooks.

Application of and defence against:

- Americana

- Triangle chokes

- Kimura

- Omoplata

- North/South hold

- Heel hook

- Ankle wrench

- Shin bar


- Knife threat, blade held horizontally to throat, attacker pushing you against a wall.

- Knife threat to rear, blade held under armpit.

- Knife threat from rear, knife held to left side throat - attackers arm under right armpit and vice versa

- Free knife fighting; i.e defending against attacker aggressively attacking with knife and use of improvisation where possible.

- Response to gun threats when attacker pullsthe weapon back quickly