"Krav has been a real confidence booster for me; I’ve discovered I can push myself further than I ever thought I could, and keep going, and there’s a great feeling of camaraderie to the classes.

Urban Krav Maga is a practical approach to self defence, covering subjects such as body language and situational awareness as well as techniques. It’s a combination of the thoroughness of the instruction, banter, and sense of achievement that keep me coming back every week!"


I started Urban Krav Maga in March 2014, Having a bit of previous experience in Wing Chun Kung fu I was looking to get back into some form of fighting and through research decide to try Krav Maga. 

I was immediately impressed by the instructor and the other members of the class who made me feel very welcomed and gave me all the help a newbie needed. 

As my first class progressed, I realised that having previous martial arts experience is not necessary at all, every thing we were taught was real world related, easy to learn and didn’t need to learn any traditional fixed positions associated with other fighting styles.

In essence we were taught to neutralise individuals or multiple attackers (armed or not) quickly and effectively.

It has been a long time since that evening in March 2014, three years have passed and I’m still grateful to call myself a student at Sussex Urban Krav Maga, I have not only learnt new skills and gained confidence but have also made very good life long friends. 

I throughly recommend Urban Krav Maga. 

"In essence we were taught to neutralise individuals...quickly and effectively."


I have been a student of Urban Krav Maga for approx 7 years and I started learning when I was in my late 40s. What drew me to it was a need to feel a bit more knowledgeable in conflict and conflict avoidence situations. Urban Krav Maga does this and more, through the classes where you learn techniques, skills and a mindset thats buried within all of us, namely a warrior spirit. Mix this with a large dollop of common sense and you see where this training takes you. Mark previously and now Ben are supreme expert instructors who are on top of their game in an evolving society and are at the cutting edge of dealing with new and developing nastiness out there. The techniques and moves that are taught in UKM are simple, easily learned and VERY effective. You develop confidence in your everday life, as well as an understanding of people in given situations. The classes keep you fit and strong, and you develop a great bond with fellow students of both sexes. There are no egos, just an understanding amongst each other as to what we go through together and above all youre learning all the time. Youre never too old or young to start, and..oh I forgot, its also bloody good fun!


".where you learn...a mindset that's buried within all of us, namely a warrior spirit"

Sussex Urban Krav Maga has given me increased confidence, situational awareness, and the ability to defend myself if the need arises. At the same time my fitness had increased dramatically, and I've enjoyed myself whist doing it. The classes are friendly, and cover a wide range of scenarios with a realistic force from the 'attacker'. I would recommend to anyone wishing to learn real self defence. 

"Krav has been a real confidence booster for me..."


I discovered Sussex Urban Krav Maga about 7 months ago. Having no previous experience in any kind of martial art of self-defence training it was a little daunting going to my first class but I was made to feel welcome straight away!

With each session, I have seen an improvement in my skill, fitness and confidence.

The classes not only concentrate on the techniques but also on body language and awareness. Ben is a great teacher; he has a thorough understanding of Urban Krav Maga and will tailor techniques dependent on your stature and strength. He takes time to demonstrate every technique thoroughly and makes sure you’re executing each one correctly so you’re better equipped to deal with these situations in real life, if you should have to.

Through Ben’s coaching I have learnt that I am not as fragile as I once believed and that I am able to push myself past any limit I ever thought I had.

Although you are learning really important & life saving skills, each class is an absolute blast. You work hard but you feel amazing after! Everyone is friendly and was willing to help an absolute newbie when I first started. I can’t recommend these classes highly enough!