The founders of Urban Krav Maga can draw on many years of experience in the following fighting systems as well as various styles of Krav Maga...
- Karate                                             
- Aikido
- Brazillian Jiu Jit​​su                     
- Boxing
- Traditional Jiu Jitsu                 
- Muay Thai
- Tae Kwan Do                                
The core syllabus is based around the disciplines and techniques needed to defend the 10 most common street attacks. It also contains a range of techniques applicable to:

- Female self-defence
- Grappling (stand-up and on the ground)
- Fight/sparring techniques
- Weapons defences.

Our aim is to equip the student as soon as possible to defend themselves against the most common attacks.


Once the student has mastered these techniques, more difficult scenarios are addressed to build a support system that will enable the student to deal with almost any situation.

By teaching concepts through techniques, students are taught how to read a situation and react/respond accordingly, even if they've not experienced the exact same thing in training.

Giving students the ability to improvise is an important element of our training.



Awareness, avoidance and pre-emption are placed high in order of priority - but we recognise that we can't always avoid or run away from problems, so we teach everything that is needed for self defence - when it's necessary - in all environments, including highly confined, crowded spaces.



Urban Krav Maga is not affiliated to, nor make any claims that our techniques are used by, any military organisation. The system is designed for civilian self protection and addresses the scenarios you may face in modern city life. We're happy for them to be judged on their merits, not assumed to be good because their supposedly taught to a regular army or Special Forces Unit.

We make no apologies for this civilian approach; a knife defence, based on somebody attacking like they were making a committed bayonet thrust, will not be so effective as one that is based on somebody stabbing with an aggressive pumping motion with fast recoil.

We retain the term Krav Maga as our approach reflects that on which Krav Maga was originally founded and we are of course indebted to the experiences we have gained training with the various Israeli Fighting Systems.